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“It’s smart to be nutrient-dense.”

Get Stoked!

Get Stoked!

Stoker is currently ”stoking” a podcast broadcast~ featuring a “fun & salubrious entre`”  called, ”Health Science Cafe”, www.healthsciencecafe.com  forthcoming, Spring 2013…which will have interviews from the world’s leading experts to:        ”wet your appetite” for optimum health self-care.  Featuring, researchers from Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.  One of the finest scientific research institutes’ in the world. This is fact.  Not bragg.  Honoring & continuing the legacy of the (late) Nobel Recipient Linus Pauling, Ph.D.            

 Also, Stoker has sponsored world class athletes including Wrestling Hall of Fame/Olympic Wrestler & Coach, Les Gutches and Corvallis’ swimmer, Logan Storie of whom competed in the 2012 Olympic Swiming prelims in Colorado. Stoker customizes each athletes’ nutritional needs to succeed!

Stoker is dedicated to integrative health care with nutrition, supplementation (required) and advocating a healthy lifestyle. Formerly a nutrition major at Oregon State University, Stoker continues to stay current on scientific health information. Working in various health occupations as a nutritional representative (sales) and professional consultant since 1977.

In 1997, Stoker opened Stoker’s VitaWorld in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. The store offers a variety of natural health goods including high quality vitamins and minerals, nutriceuticals, herbs (bulk/caps/tabs), homeopathy, skin care/cosmetics, food items (selective), and protein (veg.,/non-veg) sports drinks/beverages. He promotes a healthy lifestyle.

In Nov. 2000, Siobhan VanLanen joined his health team as an LMT and Certified Yoga/Dance Instructor offering her ‘Massage for Wellness.’